As I revel in my new found celebrity status; let me modify it a bit, celebrity in the sense of being celebrated amidst friends and relatives, post the launch of my book, I am pleasantly surprised to note that inspite of the obsession with social media apps, there is still a veritably large number of people who do pick up a book and read it. For a person like me whose pocket money was invariably spent on books, it gives me great satisfaction to witness that there will always be lovers of books. It motivates me to continue writing , for now I realise that there is an audience for the likes of me. 

Betwixt Twists And Turns

This is the title of my first book. And, it did take its time in seeing the light of day.The path towards the raising of the curtains on this display has been very much like the title. But, that’s a story for another day. At the moment, I can only soak in the feeling of attainment of a childhood dream. 

The collection is a series of short, and really short, stories of situations in life but with a palpable twist. Hoping that the multitude of readers around me throng to Amazon to go through it.